Bamboo & Cane Development Institute
Agartala, Tripura

Highlights of Achievements


  • Set up Bamboo Technology Centre (BTC) at BCDI with world class bamboo processing machines
  • Developed Website & Logo of BCDI 
  • Started 1 year Post Graduate Diploma Course with Tripura University: 66 students passed: 8 batches completed
  • Launched 2 Books on Design Excellence in Bamboo
  • Set up Resource Centre Cum Library at BCDI
  • Set up Bambusetum with 13 Bamboo Species
  • International Craft Exchange Programs with Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ghana And Bhutan at BCDI
  • Associations / Tie Ups with Universities, National & International Organizations /Institutions
  • 3600 Handicraft Artisans from Tripura trained at BCDI under Soft Skill
  • 600 Bamboo Artisans trained at BCDI for Tripura JICA Projects
  • 20 Artisans Trained at BCDI under UNIDO Projects
  • 15 Artisans of National ScheduledCaste Finance & Development Corporation (NSFDC) Trained on Bamboo Turning Products
  • 15 Artisans from Govt. of Jharkhand Trained in Bamboo Furniture Products
  • 47 Participants from Govt. of Maharashtra (Forest Department, Chandrapur) Trained in Bamboo Furniture Products
  • Set up 4 Different Production Units for Tripura JICA Project
  • 38 B. SC (Forestry) Students form Pasighat got Industrial Training
  • 200 Improved Tool Kits distributed to Bamboo Artisans of Tripura
  • 25 Bamboo Artisans trained by BCDI & EXIM Bank at Barpeta, Assam
  • Awareness Workshops for 339 School & College Students
  • Bamboo Board Prototyping Services with IKEA
  • Held Photochemical Machining Workshop at BCDI With BARC, Mumbai
  • 18 Artisans from Govt. of Mizoram Trained in Bamboo Furniture Products
  • 28 Artisans from Administration of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Port Blair Trained In Bamboo Jewellery Products
  • 15 Artisans from North Eastern Council, Ministry of Doner Trained In Bamboo Furniture Products